The road

is always clear.

New Street symbolizes a distinctly different way forward in real estate. The road is always clear for those who are bold. We embody adventure. Inspiration. Change. And new ways of thinking.

We partner with clients who challenge us – and who are up for a challenge. Clients who care about their brand and their customers.

What we stand for.

Old School

An old-school builder work ethic, where we work damn hard to get the job done right. Using the right tools and always improving our craft.

Keep it Real

We’re a marketing agency that concentrates solely on real estate. We provide real insights and focus on what really matters.


We agree with Albert. If you can’t explain something simply, then you don’t understand it well enough. This is even more true in today’s mobile world.

A Vision

Our vision is to provide builders, realtors and homebuyers with the most advanced and purposeful digital solutions in the industry.


A drive towards a state of flow, which requires vast challenges, high skill, creativity and deep involvement. Coined by Michal Csikszentmihalyi.

Quality Assured

Building digital products is similar to building homes. Our application “PDI’s” are extensive resulting in work that’s clean, fast and bug-free.


Robert Jendrzejczak

As the Founder of New Street, Robert is passionate about optimizing the homebuyer experience. Rob has worked at one of Ontario’s largest builders, developing and managing the company’s digital marketing efforts. He’s also cut his teeth at one of Toronto’s top digital agencies. He is a stickler for real world business results and ensures strategic goals are executed flawlessly – from start to finish. This includes overseeing every step of the real estate marketing process, from competitive research analysis, strategic planning, front-end creative and application development to all aspects of marketing. Homes have long been in Rob’s blood. He works closely with his father helping to build his real estate business. A passionate property investor, Rob has developed deep insights into the market and an insider perspective of what homebuyers are looking for these days. When he’s not helping New Street clients, he’s probably catching a run while purposefully ignoring the stop signs.

Tyler Bouwman

Meet Tyler Bouwman. Born and raised in Alberta, Tyler moved to Ontario 4 years ago. He graduated Redeemer University in 2017 where he studied physical education, history and business with an emphasis on marketing. He was a forward for the Redeemer Royals basketball team and enjoys hitting the courts after a day at the office. When we say he gets what it takes to make a home, we mean it! During university, he spent his free-time framing up houses. Tyler is a tremendous asset to our team. He brings a driving passion for the home building industry that is matched only by his passion for sports, cameras and the outdoors. Tyler spends his free time hiking and shares his adventures on his hiking lifestyle Instagram account.

Ready to work hard, play hard and take challenges head on? Be part of our company’s growth trajectory. Together, we’ll do only what matters.

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